When Anjali swain`s one year old daughter was found to be underweight(5.5kg) despite having a healthy birth weight(3.3kg).Anjali did not know what was wrong untill she was identified by expert from team surakhya with the help of ANM.She was told that her daughter was malnourished and during interaction it was found that although the child has been exclusively breastfed,but pattern and quality of complementary feeding is sub standard. Furthermore she was also suspected of having infected by worms. Every bit of training on IYCF practices helped Anjali by enhancing her knowledge regarding complementary feeding,health seeking behaviour,hygiene.She learned about feeding pattern, low cost nutrive ,recipes,continued breast feeding till 24 months and de worming. After a rigorous follow up by team surakhya with the help of district level partner NGO. Changes in feeding practices have been incorporated and child have started showing improvement in weight.

Dohra,Manes war block : Sambalpur

Janaki Sahoo(Naib sarpanch Dohra) found her sister in law having no milk secretion therefore breast feeding could not be initiated in the first hour of delivery..The hospital staff were worried, but all majors seemed to be failure. She quickly recollected the video of breast crawl, discussed with medical staff and with their support, initiated early breast feeding by breast crawl,milk came in whithin 30 minutes of breast crawl. According to Janaki Sahoo, she learnt about breast crawl during a training session at Dohra, where breast crawl video was shown by team surakhya,with support from district project coordinator and NGO partner. She has shown her keen interest in utilizing some funds available at her level in promption of IYCF practices, and breast crawl.


Arati Majhi, 30 educated and from a well to do family , approached us during a counselling session with her 16 month old daughter, Kiran. She was worried about the health of her only daughter who was dangerously thin (wasted). During birth her weight was 3 kgs but now after 16 months, her weight is 7 kgs.After interaction with her, we could find out that she is unaware about the type of complementary feeding to be given to her child; furthermore she is also not feeding the child with breastmilk. Has started giving mashed fruits as complementary foods from 8 months and is continued till now. Many studies reveal that breastfeeding is well practised in the community but when it comes to complementary feeding after six months, mothers are not aware of what to feed their child with? Feeding child after six months is a big challenge for the mothers to meet the increased requirements of the child. It doesn�t matter if a child has healthy weight at the time of birth, due to untimely introduction and insufficient complementary feeding the child gradually becomes undernourished (wasted). Consuming only fruits doesn`t meet the nutritional requirements of the child, for fruits contains simple carbohydrates and are low in calories.
She was suggested to introduce appropriate, hygienically prepared, homemade, mashed complementary foods in adequate quantities and continue breastfeeding at least till second birthday. Not to Feed watery items may be easy to swallow and save caretaker`s time but are very low in calories and nutrients. Some nutrient dense recipes were suggested Khichdi added ghee, sugar, boiled and mashed green leafy and other vegetables can be given. Rice flakes (chuda) and sooji kheer, boiled egg can also be started. Ways of retaining and enhancing nutritional content of food along with maintaining hygiene while preparing and feeding the child were something she was suggested. Arati Majhi was assured Post counselling and has started feeding her child and is happy with the response from child. It is expected that within a couple of months the child will gain the required weight.