Secretary's Message

Another very noteworthy eventful year 2018-2019 with the life of OVHA. Challenges are many with OVHA but the suitable solutions are innumerable. It all depends on how we take it ?, half full or half empty. Voluntary sector in Odisha, now the all used and renamed Non-Govt sector of Odisha is passing through a tough phase and so also OVHA. It is rightly or wrongly said that "the more the rules and regulations the more will be the Gumption and related degradations". Now we all want to form the principles, rules and regulations but with an exception to own self. Rules. principles and regulations are mean( for others to obey but not for me. Now again the right time has arrived with all time instruction of "I have to see the necessary changes with me first and last also. If all 'I's are covered then automatically all you, them and all are covered. At last spontaneously the society will be in track with all of us playing a major necessary role. In OVHA the new slogans of "YOUR HOC TO OUR HOC' 2019, OVHA KRANTIKARI SERA. Salubrious Odisha and the powerful I - OOVA approach 2019 have won the confidence of the people because of its promising scope and sensitivity. We in OVHA have to make it happen for the people of Odisha. We have covered something in 2018-19 and it will continue 2019-20 beyond. As the 45th Annual Report of OVHA is going to be published/releastd. it has its specially of "Memories of Appreciation and newly introduced" . activities of appreciation" will definitely motivate us to go back to the glorious past of OVIJA. We, at the eve of Annual Report of OVHA 2018.19 convey our deep sense of gratitude to all concern and never try to forget anyone at any point of time, those who have contributed directly or indirectly t'or the growth of this federation OVHA. With sincere regards to all.
SWA Secretary, OVHA