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Orissa Voluntary Health Association (OVHA) has completed 49 years of service by 2022.It was a time to reflect on our progress in understanding and implementing a truly health oriented approach. It is also a matter of great pleasure and honor for OVHA and its member Organisations for their commitment and contribution in the field of community health and development. Member organisations are proud to be a part of the Oldest & Largest network of voluntary organisations working in the field of health in Odisha. We all are working together to improve the health indicators of our state. The task is gigantic. But we all as a committed group will carry forward our mission to see a better & just society where all have access to health facilities in and around their habitat. OVHA as an association is committed to make health a reality. To achieve this goal the association has not left any stone unturned. Starting from awareness generation, capacity building of service providers and distribution of IEC materials at all levels by direct intervention or facilitate the member organisations to carry out the activities. A special attention is given on spatial distribution of work. The association ensures quality intervention. In some cases the association also carries out the pilot projects to show it as models. Accountability and transparency have always been the guiding principles at OVHA.
Our initiation is a tiny drop of water in the ocean of development. But we try to leave our imprint through our activities, which can be implemented and replicated elsewhere. We were working, are working and will be working to achieve our predefined goal. We share with you the real impact your support made in the lives of people across the state. We hope it will reinforce your faith in the sheer power of individual and collective action.

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Lokaswasthya Diwas 2022

Orissa Voluntary Health Association (OVHA) observed the Lokaswasthya Dibas i.e., the 49th Foundation Day on 6th December 2022 at OVHA offi

CPLI Project

Peer Led Intervention Project- Funded by NISD, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

Urban Mobile Health Unit

To address the health issues of the vulnerable groups, especially the mobile population by providing preventive, primitives and curati

Adri PHC (N), Kalahandi

The OPD is functioning 24x7 hours with alternative support of the Allopathic doctor., Ayurvedic doctor and other paramedics . Every day more

Bilabadi PHC (N), Kandhamal

Judabali PHC (N), Kandhamal

With the support of state Government OVHA started working in the PHC(N) Judabali of kotagarh block of Kandhamal district from December 2015 .

Mardipanka PHC(N), Kandhamal

With the support of state Government OVHA started working in the PHC(N) Mardipanka of Daringbadi block of Kandhamal district from December

Health of Urban Poor (HUP)

City Demonstration Program

Whopping rates of Urbanization has posed a serious threat to the life of the

Malaria Programme

Malaria is one of the major diseases undermining the health of vulnerable communities in the state. Malaria Programme

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