Smile e Twin Learning Project


The programme is the need of the time when we have around 52% of the population of the country is considered as the youths. But non-productive youths and idle youths is a disaster for the economy of the country. So Smile has come forward to work on this issue. This project aims at changing lives of urbanpoor (adolescent youths) who belong to under privileged category of the society. OVHA has taken the opportunity to work with the youths who are educated up to +2 and extended support to them so that they can continue their education. This scope brings smile on the face of the youths once more. They are given the required education as per need of time like computer, spoken English, basic management, retail management and other education on HIV/AIDS. This type of education has not only helped the youths to get jobs but also improve their capacity for negotiation. Their social status has taken a very good shape.

Target groups
  • Any urban disadvantaged youth (under the age of 21 and over 14) with either formal or non-formal education providing that they have to pass the interview test
  • This includes naturally women in reproductive age group, adolescents (girls & boys) and the general population community.

The NRHM Odisha through ZSS had initiated to build up the capacity of Gaon Kalyan Samitimembership. In the process OVHA had been assigned with the training programme at Balugaon &Bhanpur Block of Puri District. The Training programme was for three months and the programme got completed in time.